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Reflection for 2016 and plans for 2017

2016 is quickly coming to an end and I wanted to create a different type of video where I share some of my thoughts as I look back on the year. Generally, I find summer more challenging for landscape photography. The light is harsher, there is much less cloud and I’m less inspired to go out on photography trips. Conditions here in Perth over the last few weeks have been particularly challenging, with strong winds that have made capturing images difficult.

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Experimenting with Composition at Lesmurdie Falls

With cloud rolling in from the south, I decided mid afternoon to take a quick trip up to Lesmurdie to see if there was still water running at Lesmurdie Falls and also see if I could capture an image with the afternoon light. The Lesmurdie National Park is a popular location for families, hikers and, as I discovered, dog walkers. There has been times that I’ve been to the Falls the place has been packed but this time I pretty much had the place to myself.

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YouTube Collaboration Challenge with Ben Fewtrell

As a bit of fun, Ben Fewtrell and I decided to collaborate for this week’s vlog. Ben’s a Youtube creator from Sydney so we thought we’d have an east coast, west coast landscape photography challenge. The challenge was to shoot the sunrise or sunset of the same day. As we are both from Australia, we thought we’d add an extra challenge into the mix with making sure the landscape had an ozzie theme or element.

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Experimenting with ND Filters for a B&W City Skyline

The last couple of days have seen some terrible weather, with howling winds, lashing rain and record low temperatures for this time of the year. When I woke up the wind had died down and the rain had stopped. It was still cold and the overcast, but as a landscape photographer I was going to let that stop me from going out and taking photos.

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Hunt for the Nannup Falls

It was an early start, not to catch the sunrise, but we had a 3 hour drive ahead of us the get down to Nannup. You see a mate of mine, Beau and I had heard of some 'secret' waterfalls near the town of Nannup, south of Perth. We had seen photos of these beautiful waterfalls overlooking a pine forest, however their exact location was not being revealed by those who had photographed them. So with a general idea of where we might find these falls, we headed down to see if we could discover them for ourselves.

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Sunset over the cliffs at Albany Windfarm

The second half of our trip down to Albany was packed with visiting some of the breath-taking views around Albany including the Princess Royal Drive, a hike along the Vancouver Peninsula and a climb up Bald Heads. To finish the afternoon, we checked out the Albany Wind farm and took a walk around the Sandpatch Cliffs west of Albany.

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Chasing Light at Two Peoples Bay

A quick trip down to Albany for the weekend provided a great opportunity for me to go out to Two Peoples Bay for an early morning sunrise shoot. I discovered this location when I was out shooting at Little Beach ( a few months ago. While I knew where it was, I really wasn't very familiar with the place, so took some time to explore the area and look for a composition. Even though I arrived 20-30 minutes before the forecasted time for the sunrise, I still wasn't able to find a composition by the time the sun rose above the horizon.

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Post-Processing in Lightroom, Sunset at Watermans Bay

With the afternoon free and the weather looking pretty good, I thought I’d go down to Watermans Bay on the coast and shoot the sunset. Just a short walk from the carpark I came across this small bay with steps leading down to the water. The base of the steps were in a perfect position to set of the camera. In front of me was a collection of rocks that were covered with green sea moss. This was providing an interesting scene that had a moody feel.

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Vlog - Stirling Range

With the weather closing in and the outlook for heavy rain the next day, it's my last chance to get out to the Stirling Range to get that image I’m after. I explore the mountains and hills along Stirling Range Drive and finally come across a view the encapsulates this area. I’m setting up for a shot and suddenly my Lee Filter holder comes lose and I need to run some repairs. Luckily, I have my Leatherman Super Tool handy. I fix the filter and get back to takes photographs.

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