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Sunset over the cliffs at Albany Windfarm

The second half of our trip down to Albany was packed with visiting some of the breath-taking views around Albany including the Princess Royal Drive, a hike along the Vancouver Peninsula and a climb up Bald Heads. To finish the afternoon, we checked out the Albany Wind farm and took a walk around the Sandpatch Cliffs west of Albany.

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Chasing Light at Two Peoples Bay

A quick trip down to Albany for the weekend provided a great opportunity for me to go out to Two Peoples Bay for an early morning sunrise shoot. I discovered this location when I was out shooting at Little Beach ( a few months ago. While I knew where it was, I really wasn't very familiar with the place, so took some time to explore the area and look for a composition. Even though I arrived 20-30 minutes before the forecasted time for the sunrise, I still wasn't able to find a composition by the time the sun rose above the horizon.

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