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Capturing the Beaches of Esperance

The Great Southern Coast has epic cliff lines and magnificent vistas looking out across the Southern Ocean. However, Esperance is also well known for it’s incredible sandy white beaches, some of the whitest in Australia. So I set about finding and capturing some of those beaches.

Esperance Beach.jpg


Every beach is quite unique, so I need to carefully consider how best to photograph each one. I looked for either leading lines or points of interest that helped focus the viewers eye and helped present what was special about each beach. In some cases, I needed a tripod, in others situations I just hand held the camera used a fast shutter speed to ensure the image was sharp.

Vibrant colours are a classic trait of most Australian beaches, so I used a polariser to make sure those whites were crisp and the deep blues and aquas were rich.

In most situations the light was strong and quite harsh. So I didn’t try and slow the shutter down to capture the movement of the waves. Instead I attempted to capture the feeling and characters of each beach. in some images people featured in the photo, which adds a different perspective to the shot. This wasn’t just about nature, people use the beaches so they are part of the story I tried to capture.

There are also opportunities to shot different, more abstract images of the waves breaking. This required a little trial and error long with a fast shutter. 

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