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Shooting in Harsh Light

For the School Holidays we decided to take a trip to Esperance which is on the south coast of Western Australia. It’s a 8-9 hour trip so we broke it up into two days, stopping at Hyden to check out Wave Rock. The weather for the first couple of days was hot and windy, reaching 39 degrees. Luckily we had plenty of beaches to take a swim and cool off. We started off exploring Cape Le Grand National Park, including Lucky Bay and Frenchmans Peak. meeting the Kangaroos and Goannas.

Observatory Point

Observatory Point


The National Park was awesome and definitely a place I’d like to go back to again during the cooler months. While we were there we found some kangaroos on the beach and I took the opportunity capture a shot of one of the babies laying down using the Portrait mode for the first time on my iPhone 7 Plus.

The next day we decided to beat the heat by hitting the beaches. I drops the family off at Twilight Cove and took a drive up the coast to explore the majestic cliffs. The drive is breathtaking, I stopped at one of the lookouts the cliffs bend round to Observatory Point. I decided to set up there for a shot before heading back to pick up the rest of the crew.

The harsh light wasn’t ideal, however the scene was wonderful, I used my Lee 105mm landscape Polariser to help cut through the haze, reduce the glare off the water ensure the deep greens and blues of the cliffs and water really popped. With a f-stop of 14 to stop down the light and a quick shutter speed of 1/80, I took the shot with my cable release. All there was left to do was pack up and go back to pick the others up.

With still more to discover around Esperance, stay turned for part two that will be uploaded soon.

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