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Using Light for Depth and Drama - Glencoe, Scotland

In this Landscape Photography vlog, get up early to explore more of the Buachaille, near Glencoe in Scotland. The region is full of beautiful vistas and photo opportunities. Any of the mountains can be photographed from the side of the road and that will make for a pretty good image.


However, I wanted to explore a little further off the path and see if I could find a location of an image with some foreground interest for an even more interesting image.

The morning light was dancing between the mountains and with mountain mist and even now and then the sun light would break through the clouds and fall onto the side of the mountain. I found a position where the path turned and lead up to the mountain. I used this as a leading line and waited for the right light.


In post-processing I edited the image so the cloud were almost completely black, this contrasted nicely with the golden light on the mountain and made for a dramatic landscape image.


I continued to find a small river with a waterfall and experimented with lens and compositions until I was happy with the image. 

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