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Unique Compositions in a Photographer's Dream Location

In this landscape photography vlog, I fulfilled a dream and travel to one of the most photographed countries in the world. Ever since I started my landscape photography journey, I wanted to go visit Iceland to witness first hand the epic landscapes and waterfalls this country has to offer.


I leave the beautiful landscapes of the UK behind, and fly to Reykjavík where I pick up my rental motorhome that will be my accommodation for the week, more about that later. I drive north to Snæfellsjökull, and spend the day visiting the Black Church and bird covered coastlines and exploring amazing waterfalls that are just a short walking distance from parks along the main road.


I arrived at, Kirkjufell Mountain and the gorgeous Kirkjufellsfoss. It was around 8:00pm so there were still plenty of photographers around. I explored the place for a couple of hours as well as the nearby town of Grundarfjörður, until the sun started to set and I had the place to myself.


This is a well photographed location and while it was nice to capture my own image of the iconic shot this place is famous for, I wanted to also find other more unique compositions that showcased this stunning scene. I used the waterfall and river as foreground interest with Kirkjufell Mountain in the background. Increasing my f-stop so I can achieve a slow enough shutter speed to capture the movement of the water. That drama in the foreground providing really interest leading the eye into this dynamic scene.

Before I left, I moved into a position where Kirkjufell Mountain was directly behind the lake. With the wind calming down the lake was very still providing a wonderful mirror effect, catching the reflect of the mountain, the sky and the colour in the clouds.

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