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Timing Shutter Speed for a Waterfall Long Exposure

In this landscape photography vlog, I am back in Australia and exploring the beautiful Leeuwin coastline to try and find Quinninup Falls, north-west of Margaret River.

I started hiking north up the coast and was met with an abundance of wildlife and wildflowers, clearly spring is in full swing. I arrived at the Quinninup Falls just after sunrise not that it mattered because the sky was covered in a thick blanket of cloud so I wasn’t going to see the sunrise today. However I was spoilt with endless gorgeous views of this magnificent rugged coastline

Quinninup Falls_2.jpg

Just as I entered the valley the rain set in. I explored the area for possible compositions while waiting for a break in the weather. Once the rain eased off, I set up my camera gear and adjusted my settings to ensure my shutter speed was between 1/4 and 1/2 a second. I have found this exposure time ideal for capturing waterfalls of this size. The achieve this I had the IOS at 100 and aperture at f16, on the 17-35 lens at a focal length of 20mm. To help get too these settings I had the  0.9 ND soft graduated filter from Lee Filters mounted on the front to darken down the sky. Along with the Lee Filter 105mm landscape circular polariser to take the glare of the wet rocks and foliage as well as the surface of the water.

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