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Taking Better Photos in Bad Weather - Snowdonia in Wales

Did you know it rains in Wales? Well I found out pretty quickly. In this Landscape Photography vlog, I travel down to Wales to meet up with landscape photographer and vlogger, Paul Johnson.


The plan was to take the Snowdon Train to the top of the mountain however all the train trips were cancelled due to bad weather and low visibility. I wasn’t going to let the heavy rains and high winds beat me, so set out to explore what I could of Snowdonia.


First stop was a gorgeous view down the valley. The rain was coming down hard so I wanted to minimise the time needed to set up the shot. With the camera pointed towards the light outside the car, I dialed in my settings.  I then chose my moment, raced outside and captured to shot. I knew I was going to hand hold the camera so I needed a quick shutter speed…1/400, I achieved this by choosing an f-stop of 6.3, on ISO 100. The dark clouds gave the scene a moody feel.

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