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Panorama at Windermere in the Lake District

In this Landscape Photography vlog, I travel down from Glenceo to Ambleside and ask some of the locals where a good location would be for a landscape photo.


Some of the locals gave me direction to Jenkyn’s Crag. So I parked the car in town and hiked up the hill and through the woods to the spectacular lookout. Along the way I find interesting scene from light piecing through the clouds over far distance mountains to small creeks providing the perfect excuse to stop and catch my breath (and naturally capture an image).


At Jenkyn’s Crag, I am greeted with a spectacular view, however the clouds have built up on the horizon and blocked the light from the sunset. Despite this, I forge ahead and capture the vistas through a 9 image pano each bracketed with 2 stops above and below.


It is with this shot I farewell the Lake District, I location I hope to return to again one day.

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