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Coastal Seascape Compositions

We took a quick trip down to Gracetown for the weekend, and got amongst to wineries, breweries and Karri trees.

Canal Rocks.jpg

I took a walk around the beaches of Gracetown first and photographed some of the amazing waves as well as the equally amazing surfers that had the skills to ride them. Canal Rocks, just north of Gracetown, was out destination for the first morning. It was there we found the a few seascape compositions, that used the canal as leading line into the image. At just the right time the clouds started to form over the rocks and gorgeous pinks and oranges begun to appear.

Canal Rocks_1.jpg


With two images in the can, we started to make our way back to the car when I came across the third compositor where the massive waves were crashing into the large boulders. I positioned myself at an angle so I could capture the power of the wave as it explored behind the rocks. The contrast making a great black and white image.

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