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Mountain and Gorge Compositions and Settings in Scotland

In this Landscape Photography vlog, I leave the Lake District and travelled north into Scotland,  through Glasgow to a little known gorge called Finnich Glen. I climb down into the gorge to be greeted by the most spectacular green covered rock walls with a deep red river running inside.


It was busy with people (because of school holidays), but I managed to find a spot on my own. As I set up for my shot, it started to rain so I placed a shower cap over the camera and lens to protect the front from water drops (a great trick if using a filter mount and the lens cap won’t go on).


I found a composition and played around with different focal lengths.

Once I captured my image of the gorge, I travelled further north and reached Glenceo where I hiked a hill to get a good vantage point of the Buachaille, a famous mountain in Scotland for landscape photography.


Here I need to use polarisers to cut down glare and ND Filters  and reduce the light in the sky. Thi allowed me to increased the exposure and capture the gorgeous detail in the side of the mountain.

I ended up bracketing a few shots to ensure I captured as much detail as possible.

This video is dedicated to my Grandfather (Andrew Marr) who was born in Scotland and migrated out to Australia when he was a young boy…never to return!

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