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Lava Fields, using ND Graduated Filters to Control the Exposure

In this landscape photography vlog, I travel east in search for more images that tell the story of my time in Iceland.


Travelling in a foreign country, provides new experiences and lots of opportunities to be challenged as a landscape photographer. Moving outside your comfort zone and away and exploring way from your local area pushing you creatively and can inspire you to try and experiment with new approaches to photography as you handle different weather and light conditions as well as new types of landscape.

Moss Mountain_1.jpg

This has certainly been the case for me this week as I’ve travelled across Iceland to photography large mountains, huge waterfalls as well as icebergs and black beaches. Hopefully these new experiences will impact my landscape photography and creativity when I’m back in Australia.

Moss Mountain_2a.jpg

I wanted to capture the unique landscape of the lava fields covered in moss that Iceland is famous for. To handle the dynamic light, use an ND Graduated Lee Filter to control the exposure and bring down the highlights in the sky and allow me to capture more detail in the moss rocks in the foreground.

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