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Finding Interesting Compositions in the Morning Fog

The other morning, when I woke up and saw that we were cover in a blanket of fog, I quickly grabbed my camera, a few lenses took off to a pine forest, not far from where I live. The radio mentioned that was the entire Metro area was covered, but I decided to stay local. The Joondalup Lake are was a location I was really keen to photography in these conditions.



When I arrived, the forest was covered with a thick layer of fog. I walked around the area for a few minutes looking at the effect the fog had on the trees. I then quickly realised that the fog was moving relatively quickly. I wasn’t sure how long I had so I decided on a composition and set up my camera.



Shooting in fog often requires large apertures with a small depth of field. It doesn’t matter if the background is out of focus as it’s covered by the fog. I experimented with a range of apertures, f-stops and shutter speeds and captures some wonderful images that reflected the mood of the morning.

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