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Drone footage from DJI Mavic Pro

I hope you don’t mind but I've taken a break this week from the normal landscape photography vlog format and put together a montage of drone footage I captured while travelling around Iceland.


Now if you’ve been watching my videos, you’ll know that I like to experiment with the content I create as well as use different music in the background.

Iceland Road_Clean_High_ Still_1.3.1.jpg

I must confess, I have a fairly wide ranging taste in music and I don’t expect that this week’s music will be to everyone’s liking. It was a song I heard before I left on my Iceland trip and it was stuck in my head while I was travelling around. It was always my intention to edit together a series of footage like this to music as summary of the wonderful time I had exploring this incredible landscape and unique country.

The is called Expanding by Johan Borjesson.


It was heaps of fun going through the drone footage from the Magic Pro to put this together.

I hope you enjoy this short video and if you do please don’t forget to like it and share it with you friends. If you are not already, please subscribe!

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