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Camera Settings for Capturing Action Shots

Just a quick update to let you know what I’ve been up to. I’m continuing to create landscape photography videos for YouTube, how I’ve had a small break as I’ve been travelling.



I play cricket for a local Perth cricket team called Karrinyup Cricket Club. We celebrated our 40th anniversary this year and to celebrate a group of players travelled over to the UK to tour England and play some of the country cricket clubs.


For me, this trip is not just a opportunity to play cricket, it my first time to the UK and I want to take the chance to do some landscape photography while I’m here, so I have pack my camera and all my other landscape photography gear. More on that later.

Today we play Buxted Cricket Club and I’m the team photographer. I want to get some great action shots of the players which means I need to set up my camera differently to the way I have it configured for landscape photography.



As I capture the players through out the match, I take you through my settings and approach to sports photography, covering depth of field, exposure and what to do to sure you have a quiclk shutter to cleanly capture the actions moment.

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