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Elephant Rocks

Despite the early start and cold morning, I wasn’t the only one down at Greens Pool experiencing the light from the sunrise. There was a small but enthusiast group of morning swimmers braving the low temperatures of the ocean water.  I turned down their offer to join them and walked east along the coast to Elephant Rocks where I was greeted by gorgeous turquoise colour in the water and a hint of orange in the sky. I decided on a composition looking down on the bay and set up my camera with a long exposure the smooth out the water.

After capturing my image, I walked back around to Greens Pool which by this stage had been vacated by the ‘Morning Patrol’. I took two more images one, looking down the beach and another focusing on a outcrop of rocks that together had a natural symmetry. By this stage it was after sunrise so there was more light in the sky. I needed to add a graduated filter to darken the clouds and a circular polariser to cut down some of the glare.

This was a wonderful morning shoot with glorious light in the clouds from the sunrise. These bays are part of the The Great Southern Coast which is one of my favourite places to visit in Western Australia.

This vlog is the last video in this series of five that I took while travelling around the Albany and Denmark regions.

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