Andrew Marr
Andrew Marr | Photography


Sunset over the cliffs at Albany Windfarm

The second half of our trip down to Albany was packed with visiting some of the breath-taking views around Albany including the Princess Royal Drive, a hike along the Vancouver Peninsula and a climb up Bald Heads. To finish the afternoon, we checked out the Albany Wind farm and took a walk around the Sandpatch Cliffs west of Albany.

As the sun set, the light broke through the clouds and hit the cliffs lighting up the sea mist as it rolled over the scene. I took the opportunity to grab the camera and set up for a shot to capture the stunning scene.

Using the boardwalk as a leading line in the foreground and the wind turbines to balance the image in the mid-ground. The composition was complimented with the cliff edge, on the left of the image, leading the eye to the mist and the warm evening light in the top-left corner of the shot.

I captured the image just as the sun dipped below the horizon and the last of the light kissed the bottom of the clouds over head. As the light changed, I needed to continually monitor, assess and adjust my shutter speed to ensure I was getting enough light to get the detail in the foreground but at the same time not blow out the highlights in the sky.

With the light fading, I changed the orientation of the camera to capture a portrait composition of the scene, still with the boardwalk providing a leading line but this time making more of the turbines in the mid-ground. The decreasing light made for a more moody sky.

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