Andrew Marr
Andrew Marr | Photography


Margaret River

My intention was to find an image down at Prevelly Beach. Just as I arrived I witnessed the river (Margaret River) breaking through the sand bank into the sea. I explored the area, but soon realised that with the strong winds and water coming onto the beach from two directions, it was going to be challenging conditions in which to capture a landscape photo. Given there really wasn’t much interest on the beach that caught my eye, I decided to change plans and venture up the river towards Margaret River in an attempt to find a location that was more sheltered from the wind.

About halfway into town I found a road that took me down to the river. I explore this part of the river and I found some white water that showed potential however it was difficult to find an appealing composition. In fact much of the river in that section was difficult to access due to the trees and bush growing right up to the bank. As I explored further down the river I could hear some more rushing water. This time the waterfall was in a section where there was a clearing and presented a beautiful view of the cascading water.

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