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Vlog - Salmon Pools

It was an early morning start out at Salmon Pools near Albany on the Great Southern Coast of Western Australia. I was hoping for a gorgeous sunrise with plenty of colours, however the cloud came in and blocked any morning sunlight. Given the conditions, I focused on find a strong composition with both foreground and background interest and a shutter speed that captured the movement of the waves onto the beach.

Next was a visit to The Gap further around the coast, to take a photo of a nearby island bathed in sunlight with a dark cloudy background providing a gloomy mood to the landscape image. Again conditions weren’t perfect and by the time I arrived the cloud had disappeared and the light provided too much contrast.

Finally, I come across a private jetty with a security gate that stopped my setting up my tripod to take a shot. So I got out my iPhone a show how I use an app called AvgCamPro (Average Camera Pro) to capture a long-exposure like image.

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