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Andrew Marr | Photography


My First Vlog - Whalers Cove

I'm a frequent user of YouTube and I think it's fantastic learning resource. I use it for reviews of equipment and general how to's. However, recently I've been inspired by landscape and adventure photographers who have uploaded some of their trips. So recently, I just started my own YouTube channel to share videos that provide a behind the scenes look into how I approach my landscape photography and how I go about preparing for a trip and creating landscape images. This is a new project for me and I'm excited by the challenges ahead, I've never really done any video editing before and I've never prepared or uploaded video to Youtube either. Through these videos I hope to provide some insight into how I approach landscape photography and inspire others to get out and start taking landscape photos or simply just experience the outdoors.

My first short video is of my recent landscape photography trip to the Stirling Range and Albany. The plan was to explore the Stirling Range but when the weather deteriorates, plans have to change.

I find an interesting composition of rocks on the beach, and as it’s in the middle of the day with heavy, fast moving cloud, I take the opportunity to use the iPhone with an app called Average Camera Pro (AvgCamPro) to demonstrate how an iPhone can be used to capture a long exposure style of image.

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